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OUR current TEAM
Xander Levine

Xander is currently a senior attending Lincoln High School. Xander is a student athlete and competes with Lincoln's varsity Swim and Water Polo Team. Xander is involved with student and district leadership advocating for safer school environments, while putting an emphasis on the fun side of school. In his free time, Xander enjoys skiing on Mount Hood, playing spikeball, and eating fried chicken. 

Kenneth Bae
Club Leader

Kenneth is a junior attending Lincoln High School. He is on Lincoln’s varsity soccer team and plays soccer all year even when the high school season ends. In his free time, he likes to play volleyball, cook and bake.

Caroline Ambrose
Lead Lunch Maker

Caroline is currently a junior at Lincoln High School, and plays on the varsity basketball and lacrosse teams. Caroline is a board member on the period club and involved with Mission: Citizen in effort to aid immigrants in passing their naturalization tests. Caroline loves to cook, sew, and solve puzzles in her free time.

Our founders
Hank Sanders

Hank Sanders co-founded CardsCook in high school. He is now in college and serves in a hands off advisory roll

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Elliot Balmer


Elliot Balmer

Co-Founded CardsCook in High School. He now attends UC Berkeley

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